Improve Your Facebook Wall Photos

Do you wish you could improve your Facebook wall photos?

Whether you’re creating images for a website, for your Pinterest boards, Facebook wall photos or cover images, or for any other reason… you know how important images are to convey a message.

If you’re not creating your own images yet, you really should think about it.

And it’s really not that hard.

You’ve seen plenty of images on Facebook with text written across them – funny captions – humorous quotes.

Now you can do the same!


Creating Facebook Wall Photos That Get You Noticed

There’s a new book, available now, specifically designed to help you create impact with your images.

This helpful guide is written by the very talented Caroline Jones, from Useful Graphic Design Tutorials.

It is primarily written for Pinterest users, but is just as relevant for Facebook and websites.

Impact With Images:

  • is practical
  • is easy to use
  • has colour examples of what works
  • has over 35 image/graphics tips

Create your own Facebook wall photos or cover image.

Create images that your friends will Like and want to Share.

Discover the secrets of eye-catching images!


Get Started Now

You can create images that:

  • get a reaction
  • leap off the page
  • get Likes
  • get Shared
  • get Pinned and RePinned
  • look elegant and appealing

The Guide also gives you information on where to find images that you can use – and free, simple-to-use software to make your images stand out.

I have used the recommended free software and the Impact With Images guide. They ARE easy to use. And there are plenty of useful tips and helpful inspiration.

With the free software, you can also:

  • easily crop your images – so you can remove excess background or focus on one aspect of your photo
  • easily resize your images – so you can make your image the right size to fit into your Facebook Wall or newsfeed
  • easily add text or funny captions to your images
  • lighten, darken, fix, or add effects to your images

Here’s a cover image I created for the Vintage Christmas Decorations Facebook Page:
Vintage Christmas Decorations Facebook Page - Impact With Images - Facebook Wall Photos

Get your copy of the easy-to-follow Impact With Images guide here:
Start Creating Awesome Images Now!

If you have any questions, please use the comment fields below…



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