Christmas Customs – Free Vintage Christmas Countdown Book

Free Vintage Christmas Countdown Book

Christmas Customs – This book offers a vintage Christmas countdown from December 1 to December 25.

Christmas Customs - Vintage Christmas Countdown Book

This free Vintage Christmas Countdown PDF book features 90 pages full of information about Christmas.

Christmas customs, poems, recipes, history and traditions!

Download the Vintage Christmas Countdown Book

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Please Note: The Vintage Christmas Countdown Book is in PDF format. You will need Adobe PDF reader to open and read the book.

Please Note: The links to desktop wallpapers in the book are no longer active, and therefore do not form part of this offer.

Christmas Customs & The Vintage Christmas Countdown Book

The reason this book is free is because the website that originally published this book no longer exists. This means that the links to download images and desktop wallpapers no longer work. Whilst these are not a major part of the book, it wouldn’t be fair to charge for something that doesn’t work 100% as it was intended.

Even without the image links, it is still an impressive book and an enjoyable read with plenty of information.

Review: “The Graphics in the book are exceptionally beautiful with the wild ring of Christmas pealing from every page. As a give away book this is magnificent.” – anonymous review

Review: “You can pretty much get everything Christmas-related in this book, from recipes to pictures, wallpapers, poems, etc. But what really makes the whole thing a real treat is the information. Read up on all Christmas traditions, how it developed, all the customs, and much more. There’s an article for each day running up to the 25th, and that’s quite a lot. Grab this if you’re particularly keen on knowing more, if you have kids who want to know more, or if you’re simply up for some light reading that can put a smile on your face.” – Lynne Lopez

Review: “I think this book rekindled the marvel of Christmas in me, because seeing the beautiful holly banner, reading the origins of different celebrations and significant dates were reminders of my wonder at hearing the story that there was actually a guy named St. Nicholas, and all the other poignant Christmas stories I’ve ever heard. I like that it pays homage to the traditions we hold dear. And I like more that this had been put together in a very detailed, meticulous way – lovingly done. And I am so surprised that this is free.” – Lorie Therese Locara

Review: “This book is aptly called ‘Christmas Countdown’. Starting from December 1, it presents interesting Christmas trivia on each day and a Christmas recipe on selected days. The candied white pine recipe and the Christmas tree recipe sound particularly unique and interesting for adventurous palates. This book is Christmas in every sense of the word. The red and green theme, the photos and illustrations, and the content – all in keeping with the holiday cheer.” – anonymous review

Immerse yourself in 90 pages of Christmas Customs indulgence.


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