The Unconventional Guide To Collecting

Vintage Christmas Decorations : The Unconventional Guide To Collecting

Collecting vintage Christmas decorations can turn into an all-consuming passion.

Some items are handed down from generation to generation. Some are found at thrift stores and garage sales.

I find that January is the best time to hit the garage sales. When people take down their Christmas decorations and can’t be bothered packing them away, they say “Let’s make a quick buck and sell these things.”

I know, right? It’s odd to me too, but people do it.

Enter the Bargain Hunter.

As the saying goes…

One person’s trash… is another person’s treasure.


So What Is Trending in Vintage Christmas Decorations?

Below are some of the images that fans have posted on our Facebook Page. This is what other people are collecting.

Maybe you have some of these items too… or maybe you have other treasures.

Take a look.

Vintage Christmas Decorations CMC
Above Image by Carol Manco Colasuonno
Carol shared her old toys with us – including a Little Drummer Boy and a spinning top. Keep items that are special to you. Then you can make them part of your display at Christmas. If you have children, keep the toys that are special to them. Give the items back to them when they turn 40… when nostalgia means something. So many things get thrown out, because you out-grow them. Thank you Carol for reminding us how important it is to hold onto some things.

Vintage Christmas Decorations TSR
Above Images by Tsougaraki- Souridi Rena
Rena shared her beautiful Christmas lanterns. I find these lanterns fascinating. They would look great in many a setting… old or new. Treasures like these are hard to find.

Vintage Christmas Decorations aM
Above Image by ‘airie Maple
‘Airie shared her beautiful Christmas tree ornaments, asking if anyone knew who made them. ‘Airie managed to identify them as Cloisonné Bulbs, and the markings on the underneath side of the red one (© 2002 435/1000 – not shown in this picture) indicate that it was produced in 2002, as a limited edition. ‘Airie’s item is number 435 out of only 1,000 produced.

Vintage Christmas Decorations SK-BA-RGS
Above Images by Stephen Kelley, Bart Abbott and Rocio Gonzalez Sanchez
Decorating Christmas trees is a favourite past-time. So much love goes into the detail. So many memories are brought to life as each item is taken out of the box to place on the tree. Many thanks to Stephen, Bart and Rocio for sharing their trees with the VCD readers.

Vintage Christmas Decorations DF
Above Image by Dannielle Filpansick
Dannielle posted this picture, asking “Anybody have any info on this? About 14 inches tall, no markings.” Similar items on eBay are described as hand-painted, hand-blown glass ornaments. If you have any information about this item, please let me know so I can pass the information on.

Vintage Christmas Decorations SJ-MD
Above Images by Shawn Johnson and Mercedes DiRenzobolduc
Shawn and Mercedes shared their wonderful collections. Shawn has a fantastic collection of kneehuggers. So many… and don’t they look great all gathered together. What you can see here is less than half of Shawn’s collection. Mercedes has loads of Santas, all grouped together for an impressive display. There are all sorts of Santas, doing all sorts of things.

Vintage Christmas Decorations EM
Above Images by Eddie Maynard
Clockwise from left.
1. A vintage German Schultuete (School Candy Cone). They are filled with Candy and toys for a child’s first day of school. Eddie was thinking of using it by the fireplace, instead of a Christmas stocking… but ended up gifting it to a friend.
2 and 3. Thrift store purchases. If anyone has information on these, please let me know. There are no markings on the flowered ones. The red and white ones say “Made in Columbia”.
4. A vintage candle holder – a recent purchase from a thrift store. It has no markings, so if anyone has (or has seen) something like this, any information would be greatly appreciated.

Vintage Christmas Decorations SE
Above Image by Sherry Elliott
Sherry shared with us her vintage 1957 Napco Santa/sleigh and reindeer. They did not originally come with all these reindeer. She added enough deer to make the entire team including Rudolph.

Vintage Christmas Decorations JB1
Above Images by Jennie Barbera
From Jennie, we have her elfie twins, who decorate a corner of a room. And a beautiful table display next to the window, complete with Christmas tablecloth.

Vintage Christmas Decorations JB2
Above Images by Jennie Barbera
Also from Jennie, we have the full effect of her Christmas table – love that tablecloth and the display at the far end. And her cabinet display. Beautiful.

Vintage Christmas Decorations SAWS
Above Images by Sharon Whitehead Smith
Sharon shared with us her beautiful Christmas figurines. The image on the left is a vintage Black-Eyed Christmas Girl Bell by Josef Originals. Yes, it is a bell. And on the right are Santa and Mrs Claus figurines. They are all so lovely.

Vintage Christmas Decorations MK-KL
Above Images by Michael Kalkofen and Keith Lauver
1. Regarding the photo on the left, Michael posted, “Does anybody know anything about it or remember seeing one? I found it at an estate sale in St. Louis and the seller claimed it had been used in a Macy’s display years and years ago. It’s pretty big – 33 inches tall and 18 inches in diameter at the base. It’s plastic and the image is on both sides.” If you have any information about this item, please let me know.
2. The photo on the right is from Keith and shows his beautiful Christmas display. I love the Santa sleigh riding the crest of the clock at the top.

Vintage Christmas Decorations JG-PB
Above Images by Jill Grantier and Pamela Bennett
1. Jill posted, “This is a Saalfield’s muslin “Christmas tree carpet” from the early 1900’s. It is about 8 feet long. Has anyone seen something similar? I am very interested in knowing more about it…And I’m really interested in it’s value. You use it under your tree to catch the needles.
2. Pamela also added her own photo, saying, “ I believe ours was used to protect the floor from wax drippings from candles used on the tree in the early 1900’s.
How amazing are these items? Just beautiful.


Collect Anything!

When it comes to Vintage Christmas Decorations, people often ask what should they collect? The answer is “absolutely anything”. You can see from these photos that there is a wide range of items being collected. There is no right or wrong. Whatever takes your fancy.

Do you have a collection? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Do you have any information about any of the images shown above? Their owners would love to know more if you can help out.

Be careful, once you start collecting Vintage Christmas Decorations, you might not be able to stop. LOL.


Kids Christmas Crafts: Do Your Kids Write To Santa?

If you’re looking for kids Christmas crafts, don’t go past ‘the letter’.

One of the great Christmas customs, as a child, is writing a letter to Santa.

Childhood is a magical time when kids believe in all-things-Santa.

And a fun task leading up to Christmas is to write a letter to Santa.

But then what?

Does Santa write back?

Have you ever received a reply from Santa?

Do Your Kids Write To Santa?

I recently came across this website: Letters From Santa.


At the time I am writing this, there are five different letters to choose from, and a choice of five different designs.

You simply fill in a few details and then preview the letter.

Once you are happy with it, you can have the letter emailed to you, or you can download it and print from screen.

The download also requires an email address.

The letter itself is free – and there are options to pay a small price for a matching envelope with a North Pole franked stamp, or a Christmas screen saver. 

You don’t have to select either of the paid options, you can just get the free letter.

If your kids wrote a letter to Santa, wouldn’t it be fantastic to get a reply?

Kids Christmas Crafts - Writing To Santa

Kids Christmas Crafts: Have Your Say

Do your kids write to Santa? Do they get a reply?

What do you think of this idea?